Data Analytics/ AI

Are you able to derive actionable insights by leveraging your historical and current data sets?

Many business functions are forced to make decisions, without access to the necessary facts and intelligence, from their own data set to achieve alignment with business objectives. Further, in this digital age, massive amounts of data is being produced by information systems, user devices and IoT devices. Traditional methods of applying business intelligence are not adequate to process large amounts of data (structured and unstructured) and convert them into actionable insights. Artificial intelligence and Machine learning (AI & ML) methods leverage the superior computational capabilities of machines that can process large amounts of data, and find patterns and associations through sophisticated algorithms.

solutions to analyze complex data with inter-connected entities & attributes, derive meaningful value and produce insights & recommendations.

Our expertise helps us to select an appropriate algorithm based on the data structure, patterns and desired outcomes. Coupled with our experience in digital technologies, platforms and the business domain, we can offer comprehensive solutions and services for business and technology teams of enterprises to apply AI/ML in various lines of business.


Solutions with sophisticated & large-scale models that combine artificial Intelligence, machine learning and NLP techniques to recommend actions for the planned business outcomes.

  • R & Python (cross-platform)
  • Product Recommendation
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Route Optimization
  • Face & Mood recognition
  • Market basket analysis
  • Behavior Mining
  • Resume Parser
  • Machine Learning
    • Regression techniques
    • Deep Neural Network
    • Pattern Recognition
    • Cognitive Intelligence
    • NLP / Text Mining
    • Visual / Audio
    • Entity tagging, Text captioning