Face Recognition Technology

Miscreants don’t press alarm bells for you..
Your VIP customers don’t come forward to get preferential treatment.

Get a plethora of benefits with Face Recognition. What you need to do is just plug it into your existing Video Surveillance system without any extra camera investment. Being an open-platform solution it can be integrated with many VMS software including Milestone, Genetec, etc.

How It Works

The application takes video in real time from surveillance cameras, CCTV or archived video footage. The system analyses individual frames of the video to locate human face and capture it as a sample.

Face Detection

The unique facial characteristics of the captured sample are then assessed and unique set of data is extracted from the 3D structure of the detected face.

Feature Extraction

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Face Search

The extracted data set for the sample is matched with the models available in the database of registered faces.

Face Recognition

Depending on success or failure to find a match in the database, the system alerts if face is recognized or not. For a recognized face, the system flashes additional registered information and image of that individual.

Features & Options

  1. Works with generic IP cameras with good quality.
  2. Works even with PC, you don’t need high end systems.
  3. Works in both indoor as well as outdoor environments.
  4. Works with limited pose changes.
  5. Works even when people are walking.
  6. Works despite camouflage efforts with spectacles, beard or wig.
  7. Works for people of different ethnicity.
  8. Face recognition time can be as low as 1 sec.
  9. Works for up to tens of thousands of registered faces.
  10. Works even with one registered image per face.

Apart from Alarm Pop Up, Alarm Playback and basic Search options, Alarm Center – AoToM’s Alarm Management Client provides a lot of advanced analytic options: Face Count, Face Presence, Face Frequency, and even Demographics (Age & Gender).

Applications – Security / Business Intelligence

  1. Black List Identification.
  2. Restricted Zone Security.
  3. VIP Identification
  4. Access Control & Attendance System.
  5. Forensic Analysis.
  6. Viewership Analytics
  7. Retail Intelligence.

Flexible Solution

  1. Most Advanced Algorithm
  2. The application can either run stand alone or can be integrated with a VMS.
  3. Generates alarm for face being recognized or not. Real-time display of recognized person details.
  4. Tracks detected face when it is moving and doesn’t generate multiple alarms for the same face.
  5. Works simultaneously with video analytics for other cameras.